COVID19 Rental Procedure

It goes without saying, that if you have come in to contact with anybody showing signs of COVID19, please do not put our staff at risk by continuing to attempt to hire.

All Customers are required to wear a face mask or covering by law, whilst on our premises. This is essential and you will not be granted access to the building without a mask/covering.

When you arrive to hire your vehicle, please let us know your surname. If you have ordered by phone, you will have been asked to bring the 8 digits case-sensitive DVLA code. Please either show that code through the window or phone us with it. If we are unable to generate a DVLA licence check in this manner then we will ask you for your National Insurance number. Probably the easiest method to achieve all this would be to phone us whilst stood outside?

Once we have validated your licence, we will ask you for your card details for payment, from which we will take the hire charge plus a £200 pre-authorised deposit, or £500 for first time hirers. Please note, we cannot accept cash at this moment in time.

On completion of payment, one of our rental staff will come outside, and bring your vehicle to the tarmac where they will conduct a damage control check-out with you, which you will be asked to sign along with the Rental Agreement. This part of the rental process has to involve contact, we cannot avoid that.

On return of your hire, if we haven`t already noticed your return, please phone us from the vehicle. A member of staff will come outside and complete an inspection of the vehicle. If all is good, we will return the pre-authorised deposit, and either e-mail your receipt or post it at a later date.

Please note that all our vehicles operate a full tank policy. Please make sure that you have brimmed the vehicle on return, otherwise, we will have to send you back to the fuel station, thus increasing unnecessary contact between our staff and hirers. Please also note, that fuel pumps have been identified as one of the areas that this virus can be passed on, so please wear protective gloves etc. when refuelling.

We hope that you understand and appreciate the above process, and if you have any thoughts on how to increase safety within the process, we are happy to listen.


Richard Cotton