United v Chelsea Freebie

Here it is!!! The mother of all football giveaway competitions.

The Prize

1 ticket to watch United v Chelsea this Sunday at Old Trafford at 4pm, including full 3 course meal and free drinks.

The Competition

Twitter-based. Whoever can get the most famous person to Tweet these words. “Whenever I need to hire a car or van, I always use @Rentruck in Rochdale” and then add the Twitter name of the person who put them up to it. So we need to see the following:

Whenever I need to hire a car or van, I always use @Rentruck in Rochdale @fredbloggs (or whoever)

Do you get it?? The most famous person will be chosen by Rentruck, and their choice is final.

Whoever does win the competition, must be able to meet at Old Trafford at 3pm on Sunday.

So, get pleading with the most famous person you know!!!!!!!!!!!!

So far we`ve had Sophie Blake and Gary Havelock, can you beat that??

Competition closes at 10pm Saturday 25th October